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What is DSpace?

DSpace is the most widely used archive  software with over 3000 installations worldwide. It is free, open source and fully customizable to fit the needs of any organization (educational, government, consortium and commercial institutions).


DSpace  which is institutional academic archive software

  • Content archiving at international standards for all research outputs, 

  • Content management, 

  • Publication performance evaluation, 

  • Open access infrastructure, 

  • long-term storage,

  • It is a system that provides copyright-compliant access to content. 

With DSpace  you can archive, protect, manage and share your corporate knowledge in accordance with copyright.


Although DSpace   overlaps with some content and document management systems, it is a software focused on the compilation, archiving, long-term preservation and open access copyright of publications and broadcast performance.


As Research Ecosystems, we are preparing a ready-to-use platform that is completely customized to your institution's needs with DSpace. All you have to do is focus on your content and your users.

Our Services : Installation, Update, Technical Support, Consulting, Training.

Our services

What Makes Us Different?

We have the team that knows DSpace and Open Access best in Turkey.

We have the most experienced team working on open access, research information systems, open archives and big data analytics .

We identify your needs and produce turnkey solutions with our expert staff who provide DSpace installation and technical support .

WE OFFER competitive pricing options based on your needs and budget .

Stand out with the new DSpace 7!!

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