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Benefit from Turkey's first Research Information Management System

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What is GCRIS?

It is the ONLY research information system and institutional repository in Turkey.

  • Researchers did not enter data,

  • Reports can be received with a single click,

  • In international standards,

  • The ONLY system registered to EuroCRIS from Turkey,

GCRIS Components
  • Research outputs: Publications and Datasets

  • Researcher Profiles

  • Awards

  • Projects

  • Reports

  • Patents

  • Laboratory Equipment

  • Quality enriched metadata,

  • Able to work with similar systems in the world,

  • Artificial intelligence supported

  • It is the infrastructure of not only today but also tomorrow.




GCRIS helps universities fulfill their reporting obligations with one click. GCRIS allows you to get a comprehensive overview of all your research activities, collaborate internationally and present your institution's achievements to the world.

The core product of the GCRIS ecosystem, the GCRIS Database is an advanced research information management system based on DSpace CRIS 6.3 that automatically collects and shares all academic outputs.  GCRIS is designed for individual researchers of a university, including the university itself, and provides visibility for organizational units.

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Research Ecosystems

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